How to Earn Money Online ? 2023

How to earn money online? 

Hello friends, how are you, you are very welcome to our post as you all know. In today’s time, money is required to live one’s life with all the facilities. To meet the need of money in Owaisi, we have to do some such work. From where we can get good money. If we look at it, getting a government job for everyone is not an easy task.

But if you do a private job instead of a government job, you can earn much better in that also. But nowadays the age of technology has advanced much more than before and everyone searches for ways to earn money online. So that they do not need to go out anywhere for this, that is why today through this post I am going to share with you some ways through which you can earn money online.

There are many people who want to know how to earn money online, if you are one of them who want to earn money sitting at home. So today in this post we will tell you ways to earn money online, although you will find a lot of ways to earn money on the internet but most of them do not work.

How to Earn Money online from home? 2023

We all know that there are many educated youth in India who are unemployed and some of them work. Or you are looking for a job but many people want to earn money sitting at home. But how in today’s time earning money has become much easier but people are still not aware of the ways to earn money.

Actually, 101 ways of earning money have been mentioned in this post, by following which you can earn money as per your scale. Yes friends, today almost 90% people in India do not know what are the ways to earn money online and how money can be earned online sitting at home.

Among them, only 10% are people who keep searching about how to earn money online. Today, many such ways of earning money for free have been told. Through which you can easily earn a good amount of money per month sitting at home.

So friends, there are many people who are earning lakhs sitting at home by knowing how to earn money and there are some people who have started earning money online. In such a situation, if you have decided to earn money sitting at home, then you also want to earn money sitting at home for free. So this post is only for those people who want to earn money online for free.

what you need to earn money online?

Friends, no one feels like earning money sitting at home. But for your information, we want to tell you that there is no rocket science available to earn money online, however, if you earn extra money in your free time, then this can prove to be the best option for you. What needs to be done to earn money online? This question comes in everyone’s mind. If you are educated then it will become easier for you.

In such a situation, if you are searching for ways to earn money for free in which you do not have to invest and can also earn, then it is important for you to have these five things.

Laptop or Mobile (4 GB RAM)
fast internet
Some skills (technology and computers)
At least 2 hours daily
a little hard work

After that you will start earning money by working online, so today we are going to tell you about five such online methods. With which you can earn money sitting at home.

1) Earn money online from YouTube

In today’s time, YouTube is considered to be the most popular way to earn money online. Many lakhs of people are earning money through both these YouTube, hence today everyone wants to earn money from YouTube. YouTube is the most powerful video sharing platform from which you can earn money sitting at home but how.

Yes friends, YouTube has become an easy way to earn money from mobile. If you also have a question that how to earn money online from YouTube, then for this you must have a YouTube channel. If it is not there then you can create it absolutely free, you should also know this. What information are you going to give on your channel to the people who are fond of travelling? But you can create a travel channel, just like cooking, gaming, dancing, singing, comedy, entertainment, there are many such channels from which people are earning lakhs of money today.

In this way, you can also create your own channel and earn by finding fresh content on it, making videos and uploading them. Although it will take you some time but you will work with patience. So your dream will definitely be fulfilled, after that when 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time is completed on your YouTube channel, then you can apply for Adsense.

2) Earn money online from Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. Where more than two billion people are active every day, that is why Facebook has become a big way for people to earn money online sitting at home. Today Facebook is the most popular platform after YouTube from which money can be earned online.

However, even today there are very few people who know about the ways to earn money from Facebook. Today many people are earning millions from Facebook, in such a situation Facebook can become a source of income for you. You just have to create your page on Facebook and increase a lot of active followers.

When you complete 10000 followers on your Facebook page, you can earn money by monetizing the video. Apart from this, you can earn money from Facebook through brand sponsorship, affiliate marketing, course selling, product selling etc.

3) Earn money online from Instagram

Friends, Instagram is not just any platform, it is also a very powerful social media platform of today’s time. On which people make short videos and post content like their photos etc. but there are very few users who are able to earn money online from Instagram. Because to earn money from Instagram, they must have at least 10000 followers.

If your followers are not increasing on Instagram, then we have written a post for this also and have given some methods. By following them you can increase your followers. After that you can earn money through sponsorship, activate marketing, product selling, course selling, ebook selling and many more ways.

In such a situation, if you want to earn money from real Instagram. So in this post the methods of earning money from Instagram have been explained in detail.

4) Earn money by creating a blog

If you can’t make videos or you are shy in front of the camera then you can create your own website or blog. Nowadays, writing blogs has become a common thing where websites or blogs are very popular for earning money online. To write a blog, it is necessary to have content writing skills. After that if you cannot write then you can start any type of tool website.

If you are online and want to start a blog or website without investing money. So is the best platform to create a blog website for free.

When visitors to your blog start increasing, you can place Google ads on the blog. For this you will have to create an account on Google Adsense and start ads. Your earning will be according to the traffic you get in it.

5) Earn money online from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is included in the ways of earning money online. Today affiliate marketing is the third biggest way. This may be the first way for someone to make money online. Affiliate marketing is one such method. In which the product of another company can be promoted through the platform. When someone buys the product, you get a commission in return.

You can call affiliate marketing as a retail shop. For this you have to partner with Flipkart or Amazon. Through which you can promote their products. If you have a YouTube channel or a website then you can earn more from it.

Today millions of people are earning money from affiliate marketing. To earn money from this, first of all you have to make a list of those products. After that, you can link it with the affiliate link of Flipkart or Amazon which you want to promote. In such a situation, people will buy the product of their choice after seeing the list, this will give you commission.


So friends, through today’s post I have told you in detail about the ways to earn money online and here I have told you five such ways. Through which you can earn money online if you like our today’s information. So please do not forget to share it with your friends as well as on social media platforms.



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